Wednesday, 13 June 2018

The Libertines - Peter Doherty - Oasis Partnership - Hoping For Palestine - Photo - 14/6/2018

' great night Monday. # 
Not sure how my lads shirt got on your face. Made his night though. Funniest
bit - poem in French - very surreal'

The Libertines

Peter Doherty 

Oasis Partnership 
The Libertines - Next Stop - Meltdown - Southbank Center - London - Sunday, June 17th - 13/6/2018

The Libertines

Southbank Center 
Wheels and Fins Festival - Joss Snelling - Joss Bay, Kent - 13/6/2018

'Joss Bay is named after the notorious smuggler Joss Snelling who operated
in the area, until late into his life. Snelling managed to evade capture for many
years until he was finally caught and then hung for his crimes. He achieved
celebrity status - even introduced to Princess Victoria as the famous Broadstairs
smuggler. Snelling died in 1837 aged 96.'

Wheels and Fins Festival 
Crybaby Special - Wheels and Fins Festival - 7/9/2018

Crybaby Special

Wheels and Fins Festival 
Ratboy - The Dumb and Confused Tour - 13/6/2018

Gary Powell - F10 DJ Management - Mixcloud - Mixtape - 13/6/2018

Gary Powell

Peter Doherty - Pie Factory Music - Young Producer - 13/6/2018

'Deadline for applications to become a Pie Factory Music Young
Producer. close in 16 days!!! Click HERE to find out more and how to

Peter Doherty 

Pie Factory Music