Sunday, 30 May 2010

Brixton Jamm Review

Peter played two seperate shows on the same night(29th May) at the Brixton Jamm. Both performances were top notch and being the Brixton Jamm the sound system was good (not surprising as it is Alabama 3's home).

Heres the writtlers' feedback.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Jam Bar Review

Peter along with The Skuzzies played the Jam Bar, Shoreditch last night.

Reports indicate that people had an enjoyable time and that Peter was on form and that The Skuzzies were good too.
On the downside the sound system was poor and an annoying wrapper seemed to think that speaking over songs would be appreciated.
More photos here and here.
Heres what the writtlers had to say.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Festival Europavox Reviews

Heres an English translation of Peter's show at the Festival Europavox (Fr)on the 23rd May.

A passage to the bar of the Petite Coopé and DOHERTY take the reins of the festival, PETE turn while the ARNO concert is in full to the Magic Mirrors swing. The British, who played for Saint-Brieuc Eve, is now, and begins his solo set on the Arcady bucolique. At the bottom of the stage trônent only an amplifier drapé a Union Jack, a bottle and a glass of wine. The crowd, however if pressed to see his second festival, Peter is mutique. "I love you Pete", nor hystériques shouting step: concert thus begins in calm - an appreciable silence that allows, once is not custom to hear correctly the dandy sing the sublime Lady Don ' t Fall Backwards and East Of Eden. NEARS of the retraining both expected this summer to Reading of the Libertines, Pete Doherty is obviously titles in his first group. Music When The Lights Go Out, Can ' t Stand Me Now and What A Waster scroll, and it is all our clermontoise high school years pass compulsivement listen to the Libertines they that iron with emotion before our eyes at the same time. Surrounded by its two dancers, Doherty tries to wake up the audience with a very rock version of The Ballad of Grimaldi, to play the utopian Albion, its perfect, England fantasmée alongside Carl Barât.

A reckless spectator launches a "yours" when Pete Doherty is ressert a glass of wine. "Oh, is the name of the city?" "It just left me here just now, I know not where it is" meets it the London straightening his hat stands the shadow on the wall of the room. Doherty plays Dilly Boy, a rather Jazz rarity of the Libertines ever published, then the very pop What Katie Did, including the "choup choup" are included in choir by the crowd, and New Love Grows on Trees. After will be unintentionally assommé with his guitar, it is with the touching The Good Old Days, Death On The Stairs of Libertines and his first solo album, The Last English Roses, flagship title that he completes his concert, without a reminder.

The evening last very late to the sound of the electro tapageuse with excellent DJ of little Coopé, along with groups of the festival and Doherty team, which the inénarrable manager improvisera even a completely outrageous, tai chi classes of rush in our car to "see the volcanoes". Europavox rocks.
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And heres another one:-

Last evening Europavox 2010 in Clermont-Ferrand, the Coopérative de Mai public Festival, which was complete, has been entitled to a concert of the enfant terrible of the English rock, Peter Doherty exception... This very sunny Sunday 23 may have indeed helped future former Libertines fans (the rejoining of the British group is planned for the month of August 2010) to receive communion with their idol, very shaped and comfortable version particularly solo guitar/voice. The set poignant and folk rock of Peter d. was a very beautiful conclusion Europavox 2010 (on which discussed more in detail shortly)... Report: folk guitar shoulder, his hat screwed on the head, Doherty eternal begins its classy show being visibly happy to occur before a full, careful and warm room... Casual and seemingly quite clear (it plays - almost - although guitar and sings as he must, with this so recognizable accent and this arrogant and a little weary diction that makes all its charm...), whose rocambolesque lives made bold sprouts of the tabloid putassiers and populates the conversations of those who have nothing music, including focuses on the essential: its folk pop songs mâtinées rock punk spirit and inspired by the works of the clash, the Smiths, the Only Ones and the Kinks. Having this Mr touched by grace in front of itself inevitably gives chills, simple and good reasons for onstage: its songs are admirably well written despite their finery also nonchalants as débraillés and honest interpretation gives the English is very often rocking. Far to attend a concert in more of a rock star lessivée by the excess in all kind assistance - happy! -has the chance to revel inhabited extracted titles of gifted songwriter directory versioning indeed. Straight compositions outputs of the first solo opus of Peter Doherty, Grace / Wastelands, (Arcady, Lady Don ' t Fall Backwards, Last Of The English Roses...), (The Ballad Of Grimaldi) rarities and tubes chrome with Libertines (Can ' t stand me Now, What A Waster, Music When The Lights Go Out...) if enchainent for an hour, as in a dream awake is in very good company... That is to say in the arms of his dulcinée. It is with a wealth of emotions that we discover each new song played, because faith and the communion will generously incorporated these are really impressive.

-Surprising - presence on certain passages of graciles dancers on stage, sometimes affublées English flags, brings a more surreal small all set in which the goguenarde attitude of Doherty - when it is intended for the public - gives a small supplement of simplicity. Those who are certainly complain because of its dry guitar strings often border that the concert is too sparse, singer gives a bad example to young people drinking red wine on stage and I don't know what are simply passed next to a rare moment. Pity for them... Even if Doherty turning overwhelmingly to support his latest album and enchaine the lucrative dates on festivals, its concerts remain unique. One very successful, given Europavox would have earned to be longer and crowned a reminder; but apart from that, there is really nothing to reproach to this provision, doubt, will remain in the memories! And who will personally make us forget the bad impression left by the Babyshambles rock in Seine, in 2005. Peter divine has therefore made a stone two blows.
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Festival Art Rock Review

Heres an English translation of Peter's show at the Festival Art Rock on the 22 May 2010:-

Peter Doherty was yesterday evening at the Saint Brieuc Art Rock festival.
Louie Louie was fortunate to attend and tells us his evening (thanks!): I was hoping a Duet with Mick Jones who was placed on stage before but it has not taken place, Pete has just requested "Did you see Mick Jones?". Damage...
Apart from that Pete was not very verbose, and has also shared its bottle of wine ^ ^ but it was shaped, smiling and well dressed his dancers were not too too present. Finally I believe. And during Albion, last song before the callback when he cited the names of the city, he went asked one of the dancer in which city he was and gave a tip a little bizarre pcqu ' had no good hearing, it was funny.
The show ended far too quickly...
He also made an appearance during Caravan Palace, but fairly brief. (Incidentally, Caravan Palace on stage is really awesome!)
In conclusion, Peter Art rock that was cool!
Here's the setlist in disorder (except the first 2 songs), but certainly lacks:
Don ' t look back into the sun.
Dilly boys,
When the lights go out, music
Fuck Forever,
I love you aim you ' re green.
Time for Heroes.
New love grows on trees.
Last of the english roses,
What a waster,
The Ballad Of Grimaldi
Lady don ' t fall backwards.
What did, Katie
Can ' t stand me now.
For lovers.
And reminder: Delivery
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Saturday, 22 May 2010

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Tour Dates

Welcome to the first ever blog post.

As many of you are aware the current status of Baby Shambles as far as line up is concerned and possibly dates is in a current state of confusion(see NME News)

We are all waiting on official clarification. Below is a list of dates that are currently out there.

Peter Doherty:-
22nd May: Festival Art Rock (Fr)
23rd May: Festival Europavox (Fr)
28th May: Jam Bar, Shoreditch(Eng)
29th May: Brixton Jamm (Eng) followed by Babyshambles DJ Set
1st June: Ibiza Rocks(Sp/Ibz)
16th June: Wigan Club Nirvana(Eng)
17th June: Barnsley Walkabout Bar(Eng)
3rd July: Hop Farm(Eng)
7th July: Paris, Festival Days Off(Fr)
8th July: Festival les Enfants du Rock(Fr)
9th July: Festival Terres du Son(Fr)
17th July: Festival Musilac(Fr)

19th June: Ferrara Sotto Le Stelle(Ita)
25th June: le Rock dans tous ses Etats(Fr)
3rd July: Festival Free Music(Fr)
10th July: Les Ardentes(Belgium)
13th July: T in the Park(Scot)
15th July: Gurtenfestival(Swi)
16th July: Arvika(Swe)
18th July: Guerande, Festival Les Terres Blanches(Fr)
28th July: Festival les voix du Gadu (Fr)
8th Aug: Lokerse Feesten (Belg)
5th Nov: NME Weekender (Eng)

Thanks to the writtlers for gathering the above information.

27th Aug: Leeds Festival
28th Aug: Reading Festival

Roses Kings Castles:
20th May: Hamptons, Bournemouth.

Carl Barat will be headlining the Leftfield stage at Glastonbury at 9PM. There was speculation that he would be joined by Peter but this looks unlikely according to writtlers feedback.
More updates, news, reviews and links to writtlers feedback as they occur.

All the best, Admin.