Sunday, 10 July 2011

Peter Doherty: Blues Kitchen

Peter Doherty played The Blues Kitchen on the 9th July 2011.

Writtler Cezzie writtled
On my way back from the gig.

Good gig overall except for a few things. He seemed kind of uncertain about what he was doing at first. That girl who kept storming the stage was apparently just someone who'd met him and spoken to him during the day and at a previous gig. Could tell the crowd was so pissed off with her - they cheered when security ended up picking her up and carrying her away.

Enjoyed the second half - much better atmosphere. I was right front centre so could tolerate the craziness of elbows in my face and getting squashed.

The crap bit came when Pete threw his stuff into the crowd. The security told him to end the set so he threw their guitar and microphone stand into the crowd and that was that. The bad thing was that the microphone stand landed on my head and knocked me out. (Joy!) :S

Got a nice bruise as a souvenir.

Anyone wondering where Pete's staying with his tag conditions btw - I won't put specifics for obvious reasons but he's definitely in Camden, right near the Blues Kitchen. We waited for him after the gig. He came out, the paps took pics and a bunch of fans followed him to his digs. (Where, incidentally, he told that girl on stage she couldn't come in.)

Yeah, so good gig overall. Some nutcases in the crowd (so I can understand why people were reluctant to go) and a nice whopper on my head. But a good start to him being back out.

Writtler Cockneyhammer writtled
Not in any order and may have missed a few out but

Bound together
Unknown song
Time for heroes
Pipey McGraw
Broken love song
32 December
Don't look back into the sun
Kinky Afro cover
Qpr song
Back from the dead
What a waster
Can't stand me now
Geordie boys (with an unknown and annoying female )

And maybe a few more but I can't remember.

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