Saturday, 7 December 2013

Peter Doherty : Jane Club, Paris Videos

Peter Doherty played the Jane Club, Paris on the 27th November 2013.
These videos have been added to the French Dog Blues YouTune Channel.

Writller writtled
I was there, it was the first time i see him live. At first peopld were a little bil upset he was late but when he showed up everything went fine, no tense atmosphere at all, at least i didnt feel it. 
He seemed to be in a good mood and did that guitar joke two times.  
What surprised me the most its that most of the people there didnt even know the words to the songs... 
After the gig i met him outside.. hes sooo nice! 
Songs he played (the ones i remember) 
Down in albion 
Tell the king 
Up the bracket 
Good old days 
Nothing to nothing

AhHh cant remember more sorry :(

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