Saturday, 25 June 2016

Peter Doherty - Support - Deadcuts - Jerome Alexandre's Tour Diary - Eudaimonia Tour - O2 Academy - Bristol - Bristol, England -  13/5/2016

Jerome Alexander's Tour Diary - Bristol 02 Academy: 

The first night of any tour is odd - there's a tension in the air , an uncertainty uncomfortable nagging that triggers my anxiety no end.I arrive with the band (Cass Browne, Mark Keds and Joseph Johns) our tour manager ( Nick Gough) and our photographer friend Alain who's come to take some pics and is one of the best out there no doubt..We literally grab our gear and head to the soundcheck that we've made at the last minute due to traffic on the motorway, I tune up we run through some material and then leg it upstairs to get changed .First person I bump into is Jai have a hug and he ushers me to our dressing room where my buddy's Rob Baker and Simon Mason are - Rob I've not seen for a while and it's quite emotional we talk about Alan Wass how much we miss him and reminisce on the good old days ,Simon will be reading from his biography tonight ( he and Jack Jones have been invited to tour courtesy of Peter ) and that man has a deep an undefiable wisdom " how do you stay so calm?" I ask him as I down a whiskey and coke , " water off a ducks back" he replies and winks at me sipping mineral water's amazing to think this guy has been sober over ten years and has a Buddha like calm approach - I dream of having that inner serenity and even though I don't use Heroin anymore I'm always plunged into craving the shield of opiates at my most anxious and vulnerable moments..and tonight there is a sea of uncertainty as there is at the start of any tour.Tonight were opening the show so I give my hair a little tease and spray and shove on a bit of eyeliner and I'm ready - we walk on and throw down - it's nice to hear the audience request songs and I feel confident that we delivered , moments that stand out are when we perform " Opium Styles" and "Summon the Witches" and " Kill Desire" I notice that quite a few people know the words and it's a beautiful exchange of energy understanding between the audience and us that is an integral part of communication through music and poetry a vital surge that is felt on a very instinctual level.My younger brother Jack and my stepmom Sachi appear and congratulate us on the gig - we have a very close relationship despite only meeting them both around five years ago) Im so touched that they came to see us play and am really happy , also my close friends Mark Scanlon and Ayah Marer ( who I met years back through Alan Wass and Peter) are here and I'm some overwhelmed when I realise what great people I have in my life. They congratulate me on the gig and we have a few drinks together and watch Simon Mason, Simon reads a passage out of his book about his struggle with drugs and it's breathtaking... obviously I can relate firsthand but even those who have not been there understand the direct need for obliteration , some use drink , food , sex whatever and tonight I feel that the crowd definitely get where Simon is coming from ,reflecting the desperation but also proving there Is an exit from that life Simon is a survivor and it's so much better to be a survivor as there is only one other option ..As the tour unfolds Simon almost becomes my Yoda and I feel glad that he is here.I bump into Jack in the hallway along with his manager Tony Linkin, Jack informs me he has just risen and Also pays me a compliment regarding the 02 show we both did with the Libs..I tell him that I think he is very handsome (I don't roll that way but I can see why the ladies like him) - I watch him play but the moment for me is when he reads " Ketamine" and the whole audience join in- and then something hits me ..These people know Jacks, Deadcuts and Simons words not only cos were fucking good but also because Peter has given us a wonderful platform to project them on this tour and it is at this point that I go to find him to thank him , when I see him we have a big hug and I thank him for inviting us - he seems really chipper and perhaps a little nervous as does Drew and they introduce me to the band ,Miki I already know and of course I know Katia but Stephanie and Rafa I've never met and I'm curious and excited to see how this mixture of vagabonds will sound , another thing that strikes me is how well Peter looks and how trim and healthy and happy he is, the last time I saw Peter was when he visited me for Lunch some months back ,well it was meant to be lunch but eventually at 2am I heard the rumble of his caravan parking outside my flat - and under a full moon witnessesed Katia's silhouette walking towards my front door with Peter following close behind looking slightly like a startled owl.It was that night that he informed me he'd be writing constantly which for me was a good sign it was like the Peter at the beginning of Babyshambles full of untapped potential and always with a guitar in his hand- we jammed the night away and it was as always fun.So to hear the band for the first time when they hit the stage in Bristol upon first reflection I realise there is an almost Morricone/Mescalero's vibe to what they do's got all the power of rock n roll but with all that gypsy soul and it sounds like a majestic celebration .There are a few new songs which are great but personally the highest moment for me is when they perform " Flags of the old regime" ...I instantly think of Amy and fight to keep back tears, later in the tour " Hired Gun " is played and it has exactly the same effect and I feel Alan and Amy are right there with us on this tour.As the night ends we realise it is only the beginning and the night has been a huge success , We all hang out and celebrate, and outside there is a bit of a weird vibe there's a lot of drunk fans acting a bit rowdy and some girl comes over to me and asks me to sign one of our albums and then and just falls into me ...her friends apologise and take her away when suddenly I see Simon chasing someone so I run over to see what's going on and some cheeky bugger has nicked peters hat! Luckily Simon retrieves it and the mega fan apologises " Stay away from me " Simon replies , I like a bit of a cavort and Simons bids me goodnight and jumps Onto the tour bus , I see a couple absolutely pissed walking down the street and out of nowhere the man slaps the woman so I go to deal with it and am stopped by security and led back to our tour vehicle and climb inside our dark cave.Peter , Jai, Katia and Drew bid us farewell and We then agree to meet in Newcastle for the next show...

Peter Doherty