Sunday, 27 November 2016

Peter Doherty - Jack Jones - Trampolene - Tour Diary - Caen, France - 23-24/11/2016

Caen (Normandy - arcady - harmony)
‘Un Dieu, un Roi, une Foi, une Loi’ (One God, one King, one Faith, one Law.)
Le Cargo
23/24th November
'Up the morning la-la-la-la-good morning' I am woken by the sound of Peter singing & bumbling around the bus like a lost child. I check my phone. I see it's 2am. Hardly wakey- wakey time, but not a bad time to start the day. A quick rub of the eyes and I'm up-up-up.
Today it's a day off in Caen in Northern France. Even though it has only four letters I have no idea how to pronounce it. On free days, everyone usually disappears into their hotel rooms and buries their heads in their pillows while lying naked in a star shape on their sheets. Or maybe that's just me. I don't know.
Our wonderful tour assistant, Ruby, sends me in completely the wrong direction to the hotel and I end walking 30 minutes away from it. I see a nice young lady doing her sewing, and I see castle built in 1060 by William the Conquerer (plus some other people, presumably).
Much of the city was destroyed in the Battle of Normandy in 1944 and has a memorial dedicated to peace. I like this place and don't feel that wondering in the wrong direction is a waste of time, so thanks Ruby.
I get a text from my Mum saying "you're on the front cover of the Swansea Evening pos - living the dream.” It's a cool thing I suppose...gotta a lotta love for the South Wales Evening Post - I hope it’s a pleasure to see a local boy doing well and not getting banged up for stealing cars.
When I eventually get to the hotel, I see it was only a two minute walk from the venue. At least I’m grateful that I've done my sightseeing for the day. I check-in and snuggle-in. I have three showers. That's my addiction. Weird but harmless. I try to edit some videos and listen to music for the majority of the night. Before I know it it's 6am. It's Breakfast time. I go down, eat a mountain of scrambled egg and then go to bed.
Five hours later and I'm walking to the venue, Le Cargo, when I see Rafa our cool drummer outside hailing a taxi. It's a two minutes walk but Rafa is a real Rockstar & we know real Rockstars don't walk anywhere. Or more likely he doesn’t know it's across the road.
I pop into a beautiful coffee shop next to the hotel, called 'Keys & Co,’ It's got amazing wifi & a brilliant line in Nutella Muffins. Unbelievably tasty food and the best wifi in France. Amazing.
Outside Le Cargo fans are already congregating. I stop to chat with Virginie & Alicia. The French have been so friendly and accommodating. Seeing more of the country has been a fantastic experience - I hope to return to France again very soon, if anyone will invite me back. There are a couple who have come all the way from Japan. All ready to shower their appreciation for Peter, and join the madness.
During my support slot I perform my ‘Slug’ poem for the first time in France & someone in the crowd tells me it's pronounced 'le limace' in French...I'm learning something new everyday. I even have a lovely note left with Cai at the merchandise stand explaining that I had left out two verses of “Tonight will be Fine.” Clever person, I will write to you soon.
The main event starts with “Fuck Forever” & the place goes mad. Peter goes mad. Peter is throwing the lap steel guitar, mic stand, microphone & all sorts into the crowd. I'm on edge watching & wondering what’s going to happen next. I’m learning fast and loving every minute of it. It's music showbiz mayhem with a touch of genius. As always the show is over before it seems to have begun. Another cracker.
After the gig Miki cuts Peter’s hair in the dressing room. Is there anything she can't do, even with a broken arm? I bet she could give Ratty a run for his money driving the bus.
On the bus on the way to Nantes and I'm watching a film with Peter & Drew called ‘Best In Show’. It's a mockumentary, poking fun at people preparing for a Crufts style dog show - it's made by Christopher Guest who also made Spinal Tap - very funny bloke.
The night is spent laughing at people with two left feet (literally) & another who has memorised the name of every single nut in the world. Everyone's a bit nuts, aren't they?
Love as ever
Jack (off his nut) Jones