Sunday, 30 October 2011

French Dog Radio: Live Broadcast, 8PM UK Time

French Dog Radio:  Live Broadcast, 8PM UK Time Tonight.

Writtler French Dog Radio wriitled
I had a nice surprise this week. Tufty sent me this:

Peter Doherty-Liquid Rooms Edinburgh-Wednesday 21st September 2011
Tracks 1 - 9

01 All At Sea
02 Merry Go Round
03 Can't Stand Me Now
04 The Boy Looked At Johnny
05 Hooligans On E
06 Don't Look Back Into The Sun
07 Back From The Dead
08 For Lovers
09 Killamangiro

The show tonight will be:

8:00 Start
8:04 Tufty
8:38 Requests
9:11 Demos
9:29 Wormdog's List
10:05 Flappin Lips includes Adam and Bete Noire songs. Pat said keep in mind it's a demo and recording will start in December and this song is written by Walden/Mannall September 2011.
10:32 Mrs PH
11:03 Mike
11:27 End
All times approximate
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