Thursday, 6 October 2011

The Libertines: There are No Innocent Bystanders Trailer

Writtler Ellis writtled
There's a scene in the film where Pete & Carl are walking away from the rehearsal studio. Pete's carrying a guitar case (if I remember correctly) and Carl is fannying around him like a playful puppy 'Petepetepetepete' dancing around him etc..the body language from Pete just says 'fuck off'. This sums up the whole film for me.

Carl 'I need to still be a little bit famous and Pete helps me be that' Barat & Peter 'I need the fucking money' Doherty.
When you watch the footage from Reading its painful. Carl jumping all over Pete, Pete with this dead look behind his eyes. At the point where Carl rips Pete's jumper, you can see the utter rage on Pete's face. It's horribly uncomfortable viewing. The way they talk about each other. The distinct lack of shared screen time..
Pete's hardly in it but when he is, he's sincere and genuinely hurt. It's clear to see. He speaks honestly with tears in his eyes. (he looks like shit)
'I think Carl believes he loves me..' (or something along those lines)
Carl seems to enjoy his (huge amount of) screen time, John comes accross brilliantly as does Gary.
Like others have said; it's being marketed as a happy, singalong (there is one singalong bit at the end) cheerful documentary. It really isn't. I for one hope never to watch it again. It just made me depressed and angry. I could have poked Roger in the eye afterwards (I actually think he is a lovely man).

For something that was marketed as a happy reunion, to have it virtually shoved in your face that it was nothing of the sort in full technicolor - and with terrible sound - was a very bitter pill to swallow. Done? We sure were.....
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