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Carl Barat: Interviews in Barcelona

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Some interviews to Carl Barat in Barcelona:

All of them are in spanish and catalan. I translate you some quotes, if you are interested in something more, ask for it, I'll do my best. People said that he was a bit drunk and in a good mood. Unfortunatelly I just saw the documentary, on Saturday, I couldn't manage to go on Tuesday, when Carl Was there. About the documentary, so sad indeed. You can perfectly see how much love and how much hate are there.

Some quotes:

Did you talk a lot before the reunion?
Yes we talked, but not so much, in three weeks we did four rehearsals, so, it was a fucked miracle that finally it worked.

The Libertines music was often eclipsed by the drugs. It was a time when people talked more about your problems than about your records. Does this documentary show the true or is just make up?
It's not about cleaning our public image. It's a honest picture of us. Sargent was in our feet during the gigs and what you see is what it was, nothing more. We like to play and we like to drink and we managed to do both at the same time. For a while.

Are you still seeing Doherty and the others?
We still talking and going out to have fun because at the end we are friends but everyone is with his own stuff.

In The Libertines did you feel like Lennon, with a love-hate relation with the leader?
In the band I was more like Chaplin (laughes)

In the film Sargent is neutral, he doesn't judge what happens
Yes, He didn't have a schedule, we can say. John Hassall had it, that guy just wanted to explain his story.

–What will you say to the fans about the film? What would be the most surprising about it?
–For me there's nothing surprising because I'm in there. Perhaps the most surprising is that they couldn't understand anything we are saying. This film will be very difficult to understand in foreign countries. Well, there are subtitles.

Right now, The Libertines are on a stop or dissolved?
I never know how to answer this question. Of course it's possible, but to try that people stop asking me the same question again and again, I'll just say no. No reunion is possible for The Libertines. If I say "maybe someday" they will continue bothering.

I saw you playing with DPT in Bsarcelona and you didnt't seem to enjoy it at all.
It's difficult to enjoy a gig when it seems that you must apologize every moment for not playing The Libertines songs.

And as always, please, forgive me for my poor english
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