Saturday, 26 November 2011

Peter Doherty: Annie Tempest: 'Pete Doherty and my son were sick’

Annie Tempest: 'Pete Doherty and my son were sick’ reports The Telegraph.

Writtler Shakespeare´s sister writtled
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In the immediate aftermath of Freddy’s body being found at his Battersea flat, his father publicly blamed Doherty for his loss (one of three deaths that have been laid by parents at the singer’s door), but Tempest explains that such an accusation was only made because her ex-husband’s grief “was very raw”. Doherty, she goes on, “is sick. I don’t blame him any more than I blame Freddy. They were both sick. Addiction is a disease. This is not a moral issue but a terrible, terrible disease.” ... -sick.html

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