Thursday, 17 November 2011

Peter Doherty: Upcoming Gig: Second Set: The Brixton Jamm

Peter Doherty will now be playing two sets at The Brixton Jamm on the 26th November 2011.

Writtler jumpingbean writtled
Like No Judy Garland said, they always seem to do the double gig trick at Jamm. I was convinced they'd do it again so I held out for the late one, and I've just bought my ticket. They clear the live room between sets, but there's another largish bar if you're not ready to be thrown out onto the street after the first set.
If it's any comfort, both shows were good last time. I went to the late one (which was excellent), but the early attendees seemed happy enough too. I got the impression that the first crowd was rowdier than the second lot, but it still sounded like it was OK.
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