Monday, 9 May 2011

Carl Barat: Free Heroes Bar Gig, Kentish Town

Carl Barat played a free gig at the  Heroes Bar, Kentish Town on the 7th May 2011.

Writtler Cockneyhammer writtled
Heard the pete gig was full so we stayed in heroes bar for the carl gig. I have recently been bored with carls solo shows but last night did have a bit more to it than usual although he played the same old set list i could have guessed it song by song.

But on a positive note after much begging from myself and my friends he played bucket shop then launched into sister sister (for about 5 seconds) then stopped and even after everyone begging him to continue he didn't.

Couple of vids below

Bucket shop/sister sister (intro)

9 Lives
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