Monday, 16 May 2011

Peter Doherty: O2 Academy, Liverpool

Peter Doherty played the O2 Academy, Liverpool on the 15th May 2011.

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The venue last night was so packed, i aint ever seen it that busy before, though i think the capacity is quite small (which i like), and i think it was sold out?. The two supports before Alan weren't very good, a bit so-so really, a beardy fella called Joel and some child (he looked younger than me...) who was in a band called rare roses (?) . Alan was alright though, except for all the YEAH's he kept doing to the crowd at the end, but i particularly enjoyed hired gun Peter came on about 10 and played till about 11? and being my first time seeing him live i nearly collapsed when he came on <3 christ he is looking wonderful (i loved them boots he was wearing...) He chatted a few times to the audience and was quite funny with a thrown on stage headband ;) oh yeah and i loved his chair ;)
this is what i remember from the setlist (not in order)
Don't look back into the sun
Last of the english roses
Beg steal and borrow
Bollywood to battersbea
Tell the king (i think he did's ringing a bell in my head)
Death on the stairs
Breck road lover (yessssssssssssssssss)
Twist and shout (twice i was so great )
Can't stand me now
Erm he sang some QPR song thing (lol)
Time for heroes
What katie did

....and that's all i remember great night

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A little review with some pics. Cool boots! ... eland-Tour

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