Sunday, 15 May 2011

Peter Doherty: U.E.A, Norwich

Peter Doherty played U.E.A, Norwich on the 13th May 2011.

Writtler Ricky Foley writtled

Any one else go to this?? It's just every other show on the tour has had a thread except this one from what I can see, apologies if there is already one!
I went with two friends, one who I always go to gigs with and another who is a recent convert after hearing G/W in my car and I burnt him a copy along with the other albums and a bootleg from Berlin 09 and he seemed to quite like them.
We got inside halfway through Alan Wass' set having been watching the football in the SU bar, have to say never been a fan of he's from youtube video's I have seen, but this was the first time i've seen him and actually really liked him! He really knows how to project he's voice and sounds a bit like an untrained Mick Jagger imo.
Peter was on stage pretty much dead on 9.40 looking rather dapper in he's suit, shook some hands down in the front row and then launched straight into Don't Look Back Into The Sun. He was on top form and came off at 11.20 He's guitar playing was excellent though he did have a habit of getting near the end of songs and then whacking the tempo up with mixed results.
About 5 songs into the set he was handed a letter from the crowd asking him to play Time For Heroes for someone's brother who should have been there but had died and Peter dedicated the song to him which I found quite touching, it must have been quite emotional for the guy in the crowd and hopefully made he's night.
The set was great, thought there was a good mix for everyone with the "hits" added in with the likes of At The Flophouse, Merry Go Round and the unreleased Hooligans On E and Breck Road Lover followed straight way by Never Never
Another highlight for me was near the end when he played Back From The Dead followed by Sheepskin Tearaway, I know he plays Back From The Dead quite regularly, but it's one of the ones that I think he's managed to nail every time and sounds better live Solo than with Babyshambles or the recorded versions and Sheepskin was one of the songs that benefited from an extension.
It was also great to hear Last Of The English Roses for the first time.
My friend who hadn't seen Peter live before really enjoyed it and was pleased that he played LOTER!
My friends were great an even indulged me after the gig by going to the SU bar for a drink whilst I went to meet Pete and get him to doodle on and sign my DIA vinyl that Adam had previously written on. (just Drew, Pat, Mick Jones, Kate Moss and The General to go ) He was really friendly and a true gent and was ecstatic that QPR had finally won something and then used my pen to scrawl "QPR FC ALBION" on the way lol. I didn't manage to get a photo with him unfortunetly and had to make a move at 1200 and couldn't hang around for another opportunity as we had a 2.5hr car journey home to make, but was grateful I got my DIA autographed.

Set List goes something along the lines of
Don't Look Back Into The Sun
At The Flophouse
For Lovers
Can't Stand Me Now
Tell The King
Time For Heroes
then no particular order
Merry Go Round
Hooligans on E
Breck Road Lover
Never Never
East Of Eden (I think he may of played this for some reason it's only just come into my head, maybe someone else can confirm
Beg Steal Or Borrow
Last Of The English Roses
Lady Don't Fall Backwards
What A waster
Music When The Lights Go Out
Back From The Dead
Sheepskin Tearaway
What Katie Did
I think this may be it, i'm really tired at the moment and can't recall any others at the moment
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